Congress gets serious about retirement saving

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John Boehner on pension reform: Congress needs to act. Crowley, the former congressman from New York who defeated in a major upset by.

Don’t wait for retirement to sneak up on you. Here are some expert tips for getting. are doing other saving and investing for retirement, too. If you have kids, you’re probably also facing college.

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This year, Congress got off to an early start as lawmakers had agreed to the top-line spending level by January. But the process isn’t stalling because lawmakers are busy debating which government programs to eliminate or consolidate to improve government services and save taxpayer dollars.

The mid-point of the Millennial generation turns 25 this year, the age J.P.Morgan argues it is time to get serious about retirement. their savings accounts and their spending far exceeds their.

3. Save money by getting rid of debt. If you don’t have debt, that’s great. But if you do, paying this off should be a priority. 6. Get or stay aggressive with your retirement investments. In your 30s, you still have time on your side to make up for market losses. This is the time to take some calculated chances.

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Unlike saving up for a down payment on a new home, or saving for your child’s college tuition, retirement planning is something you’ll do Even worse, some individuals simply haven’t started their retirement savings at all. Here is some advice for getting serious about your retirement planning.

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"With many individuals reaching retirement with little to no savings of their own, we must take a serious look at our current retirement programs.

How do you get your savings engine going? First evaluate where you stand right now, and consider the following. And that’s not the only number that sounds bleak: 56 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement and about 75 percent of Americans over 40 are behind on their savings.

Here are six ways to get serious about saving, and none of them is painful. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to super-size your savings. Increase the paycheck contribution to your 401(k) retirement savings account by the amount of your raise or set up an auto-draft from your checking account to.

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